Against The Storm

I read an interesting account of Dr. Charles Brown written by L. G. Morony, it is as follows:

“He was on a ship off the coast of Labrador. Suddenly a powerful gale sprang up from the southward, the direction in which the ship was steaming. The force of the storm was so great that the ship was driven before it, in spite of the fact that the full power of its engines was exerted to keep it on its course. While the ship was struggling vainly, Dr. Brown’s attention was attracted to a huge iceberg which was moving steadily southward in the teeth of the storm, defying the fury of the wind to impede its progress. Read More »

Use Extreme Caution with FULL CONFIDENCE

We have all received emails or been given verbal about subjects in our custody or coming into our custody that are dangerous. Reality is that anyone in our custody has the potential to be extremely dangerous. Read More »