Heirs of Restraint is a ministry to correctional officers

What Is Heirs of Restraint?

Dedicated to uplifting corrections officers through unwavering support and fostering awareness in communities nationwide.

About Us

Heirs of Restraint is a dedicated ministry committed to providing comprehensive support for corrections officers. Our mission includes spiritual, emotional, and physical assistance, promoting honor, recognition, support, and encouragement. Through personal contact, publications, phone calls, emails, blogs, and organized events, we actively engage in uplifting the corrections community. Join us in our efforts to raise nationwide awareness about the vital role of corrections officers and the support they deserve.


Literally, a calling, or crying out, the primary sense of many words expressing a demand, as claim. Hence appropriately,
A calling upon one to fight in single combat; an invitation or summons, verbal or written, to decide a controversy by a duel. Hence the letter containing the summons is also called a challenge


Our Founder

Founder of Heirs of Restraint Ministries, Marvin Jackson, has embraced the cry of fellow correctional officers and has risen to take up the challenge. He understands the scriptural authority and position a correctional officer holds as “a minister of God for good” (Romans 13:1-7).
Having walked the challenging path of a correctional officer amid the unforgiving jungles of concrete and steel, he intimately understands the indescribable pressures woven into their day-to-day existence. Recognizing the aftermath of these experiences—ranging from family strife to substance abuse, suicide, depression, and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder—he acknowledges the vulnerability that shadows those who bear the weight of corrections work. With a keen awareness, he realizes that despite their stoic exteriors, corrections officers are in dire need of spiritual, emotional, and physical support. Through the crucible of his own experiences, a profound calling has emerged, compelling him to extend a compassionate hand to fellow officers serving behind the formidable walls scattered across the nation.
Founder, Marvin Jackson (right) presenting an Heirs of Restraint Bible to Officer Case (left).

Founder, Marvin Jackson (left)with his wife Jacqueline (right).

Marvin became a Christian in October of 1983. He understands the need for every person to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and to develop a dynamic relationship with Him. He maintains the position that under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit it is possible to do the job of a corrections professional in a way that brings honor and glory to God. He also believes that through this personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it is possible to flourish in the midst of the serious demands, strains and stresses of the profession.
Marvin Jackson is currently serving as a Corrections Officer at the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department in Rolla, Missouri.

Bringing Comprehensive Support to Your Corrections Facility

Empower Your Officers with Heirs of Restraint

Join us in enhancing the well-being of your corrections staff by bringing Heirs of Restraint Ministries into your facility. Our specialized materials, including devotionals, study manuals, and supportive resources, are designed specifically for corrections officers, addressing their daily unique challenges. By providing these invaluable tools within your facility, you offer your officers consistent spiritual, emotional, and physical support. Our resources foster resilience, promote personal and professional growth, and encourage a strong sense of community among your staff. Together, we can ensure your officers have the support they need to thrive in demanding roles. Contact us today to bring these essential materials to your facility.


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Heirs of Restraint

Origin of the Name

The inspiration for the name of our ministry was drawn from a profound passage in Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Volume 2, pages 179-180), specifically reflecting on Judges 18:7.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary states:

“… It was ill-governed for every man might be as bad as he would, and there was no magistrate, no heir of restraint (as the word is), that might so much as put them to shame in anything, much less put them to death, so that by the most impudent immoralities they provoked God’s wrath, and by all manner of mutual mischiefs weakened and consumed one another.
See here, (1.) What the office of the magistrates is. They are to be heirs of restraint, that is, to preserve a constant entail of power, as heirs to an inheritance, in the places where they are, for the restraining of that which is evil. They are possessors of restraint, entrusted with their authority for this end, that they may check and suppress everything that is vicious and be a terror to evildoers.
It is only God’s grace that can renew men’s depraved minds and turn their hearts; but the magistrate’s power may restrain their bad practices and tie their hands, so that the wickedness of the wicked may not be either so injurious or so infectious as otherwise it would be. Though the sword of justice cannot cut up the root of bitterness, it may cut off its branches and hinder its growth and spreading, that vice may not go without a check, for then it becomes daring and dangerous, and the community shares in the guilt.
See how miserable, and how near to ruin, those places are that either have no magistrates or none that bear the sword to any purpose; the wicked then walk on every side (Psalm 12:8). And how happy we are in good laws and a good government.”
This profound commentary on the role of magistrates as “heirs of restraint” aligns with our mission to support and empower corrections officers who, in their own capacity, act as heirs of restraint in the challenging environments they serve.