Against The Storm

I read an interesting account of Dr. Charles Brown written by L. G. Morony, it is as follows:

“He was on a ship off the coast of Labrador. Suddenly a powerful gale sprang up from the southward, the direction in which the ship was steaming. The force of the storm was so great that the ship was driven before it, in spite of the fact that the full power of its engines was exerted to keep it on its course. While the ship was struggling vainly, Dr. Brown’s attention was attracted to a huge iceberg which was moving steadily southward in the teeth of the storm, defying the fury of the wind to impede its progress.

Curious to learn why the ship also could not move against the storm, he discovered that off the coast of Labrador is a deep-sea current that flows always in a southerly direction, and furthermore, that only one eight of an iceberg can be seen because seven eights remain below the surface of the sea. Down in the deep places of the ocean that iceberg was caught the grip of a living current that flows eternally toward life, light, warmth. No surface storms could hinder its steady movement in the right direction.”

Have any of you been in a powerful storm lately? Has the force of the storm tried to impede your progress? Foolish questions I know. We work in Corrections and there are storms every day that blow against us. We exert full power to our engines and we still are moved backward. We are sure that there must be an answer to the dilemma and there is. The answer is in our thoughts, that is, our meditations.

Many times it has been said to me, “Just think on the bright side.” The problem is that there really are not too many bright sides in our line of work. The only real and lasting “bright side” is God. We can focus our meditations on Him and find comfort in the storms. Psalm 94:19 tells us, “In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.” We can move forward in the storm when seven eighths of our thoughts run deep in Him.

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