For Your Day Off

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  For your day off, This I sincerely pray, That you would be able to fully recover, From all the things you’ve seen and felt and heard. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Reasons I Prayed for You Corrections Officer

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  A police officer arrested a man today for sodomite acts with a boy your son’s age. I thought of you. He is now locked away and I know that now you will be giving him clean clothes and feeding him. You will take him to visitation, nurse visits and to see […]

In My Mind’s Eye

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  Your son was in my class today I watched his falling tear We had a parent’s party He was wishing you were here Your department said you had no choice Staying over was mandatory “I hope to be there next time son” Was your familiar returning story He does not yet […]

A Note to a Corrections Officer:

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  I missed you in church today, dear minister of God for Good, but I knew why you were not there. You were protecting me as you worked inside the gate. I sincerely say, thank you. I knew that while I sang the hymns of the faith, the things you might have […]

Always on the Watch

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  Even when off duty He is always on his guard The reason is simple to see He works in a prison yard There he can trust no one He must always watch his back He can never be lulled to thinking That him they won’t attack So when he’s out in […]

Today I Prayed for You

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  Today I prayed for you because you are on duty and I realize you may… be at a higher risk of physical harm. face more confrontations than yesterday. get stuck with an infected needle during a cell search. wonder if you will make it home alive tonight. have feces and urine […]


Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  Thank you Correctional Officers For serving and protecting Every second Of every minute Of every hour Of every day Of every month Of every year

Just Noticing

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  I know you are tired today So tired you can barely see straight You have done your job behind the wall flawlessly In the midst of constant danger You have demonstrated courage and compassion Far beyond the level displayed by common humanity Thank you.

I Talked to Him Today About You

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  I talked to Him about you today Amidst the challenges, troubles, and woe I asked Him to comfort and see you through And help you to onward go. I talked to Him about you today With no friend to comfort by your side Raising your children all alone I asked Him […]

Corrections Officers: Heroes and Heroines.

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson  You have my utmost respect and admiration. The Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary defines hero as “a man of distinguished valor, intrepidity or enterprise in danger” and defines heroine as “a female hero; a woman of a brave spirit.” Brave: Courageous; bold; daring; intrepid; fearless of danger. Distinguished: Separated from others by superior or extraordinary qualities; whence, […]