This Bible is designed for Corrections Officers.  There are study helps for issues that you face everyday.  These Bibles are offered free to Corrections Officers and are available to buy for civilians.

We pray that this will be a help and blessing to you.

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    Notes From Officers That Received Their Bible…


    “Thank you for this. This is good. I’m reading some other books right now, but will be good for me to keep by my bed if I wake up with bad dreams or something.”


    “Thank you. It’s so nice to be thought of.”


    “Thank you for appreciating us.”


    “Thank you. This is so nice.”


    “Thank you. I really like this part in the front where it tells you where to read.”


    “Thank you. I think I’ll actually read this one.”


    “When will the devotional manual be done? I’m looking forward to it. I don’t really tell people where I work or talk about it. No matter how many times we do the things we have to do it still affects you, even if you think it won’t.”


    “Thank you. No one ever thinks of us.”


    “When will the book be done? This job affects your whole inner being.”


    “Thank you. No one really knows what we go through in here.”


    “I’m looking forward to the manual. The things we deal with in the female pod alone are enough and then there are the others…”


    “Thank you for putting this all together. We need this. When will the manual be done?”