Internal Stillness

I believe Psalm 46 is key Scripture for us in corrections. Verse 10 reminds us to “Be still, and know that I am God…” The three key words in this verse are, “still”, “know”, and “exalted”. Still has the thought of “let alone” or “leave it alone”. Know has the thought of “I’ve seen what He can do, will do, has done” I’ve experienced what He can do, will do, has done in me and others.” Exalted is “raised up”.

2 Corinthians10 tells us to cast down those thoughts that exalt themselves against God, or above God. Once we have cast it down we need to “leave it alone”. Our daily exposure brings many things that need to be cast down and left alone. I have found that when I fail to “Be still” as God has instructed on the daily stresses, they compound, and even a minor offense brings out the “old man” in me. When I “leave it alone”, I remind myself of the fact that Psalms 46 tells me of God’s love and care for me, His protection of me, His will for me, His power, His provision, and His Judgment on those that rebel and mock Him.

As we already know, to “know” Him, is a consistent reading of the Scriptures and a yielding to the Holy Spirit. Without the combination of the two, we will be noisy and turbulent. There is enough noise and turbulence around us; we do not need to have any within. (By the way, I found myself noisy and turbulent a couple of times this week. I’m so thankful for God’s forgiveness.)

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