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Dear Supporting Friends,

384 Bibles were sent out to corrections officers in December 2015, for a total of 3,252 for the year! The Bibles have now been sent to officers in institutions in ALL 50 states and 6 foreign countries. Shortly, more of the Gospel tracts, “Word from a Corrections Officer” (that contains Marvin’s testimony as an officer) will be ordered. When we order, that means 20,000 of the tracts will have been distributed to corrections officers—only God knows the impact! This would not have been accomplished without your faithful investment in Heirs of Restraint Ministry. Your efforts are making a difference to individuals all over America like this officer who said, “I was feeling anxious and looking to see if there was any help available to deal with the stress created at the detention center. I did a search for a Bible and this came up I am looking forward to being able to read this Bible. With the stuff we face on a daily basis, it will be nice to have something to decompress with.” It is seldom that we really consider what the men and women who serve us behind the walls face on a daily basis. They are grateful to be recognized and receive support. “Thank you so much, once my fellow officers saw my Bible, they couldn’t wait to get on the list. With the things that we see and deal with on a daily basis, something that shows tangible evidence that someone cares for us and knows what we are going through speaks volumes. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry.”

Several officers were met for the first time during the monthly visit to Potosi Correctional Center in December. An impact is being made; officers remain grateful and with each visit, seem more open. The tracts are being read and passed around. Some officer stations lend to more of an occasion for reading outside literature than others; it is at one such station that there was an opportunity to learn that one of the Heirs of Restraint Bibles has been obviously well-used. Just one makes a difference, but we know it has not been only one!

As you know, we have a publication titled “Daily Briefings” that is available for purchase. We were pleased to hear from a 26 year veteran officer who has been using this manual, “I truly enjoy what I do and have for years run to God and the Bible instead of alcohol and drugs to deal with the inner struggles that sometimes go on. I also struggled as to how my career was affecting me spiritually and how it could even be a way of serving God. Every chord in my heart struck a note as I began reading Daily Briefings. It speaks to me personally as if I could have written from my own experience the scenarios listed in the manual. I love Marvin and have often mentioned him in prayer. I truly believe the Lord led me to his ministry….Thanks for all you are doing. We just had our first successful suicide at this facility. I was the second responding officer that entered the cell to witness the macabre. One of the officers who responded isn’t handling it well at all. Your ministry was the door I used to try and reach his inner soul for healing. Please pray for him. I am doing fine as this was not my first episode. Just thankful Daily Briefings is helping process and unravel the mayhem by controlling the actor’s on the stage in the mind…(In the last statement, he is referencing a particular lesson in the briefings.) Continue to pray for others to utilize this tool to help them in their hazardous walk as a corrections officer.

Nathan F. Box, an officer at South Central Correctional Center in Licking, Missouri, was recently awarded the medal of valor for his heroic acts during an incident in the facility in May 2014 when according to the Rolla Daily News December 22, 2015, “An offender attacked a corrections officer with an 8-inch-long steel improvised weapon. The offender had stabbed the officer multiple times, including in the jaw, back of the head and left torso when Box came to the officer’s aid. Box first deployed pepper spray at the attacker, but it had no effect. Because corrections officers do not carry guns, Tasers or other weapons, Box had to physically engage the attacker, attempting to pull him away from the injured officer. The attacker remained violent and began attacking Box. In subduing the attacker to protect his wounded colleague, Box suffered a stab wound and a fractured jaw. Despite his injuries, Box was able to subdue the attacker and recover the improvised weapon. The wounded officer, who was originally attacked, was treated at a hospital and released. Box also was treated, including requiring surgery on his jaw.” Such acts of courage among officers are common, but not often reported or recognized publically.

Opportunities to travel to facilities in other states seem to be developing. Please pray for our personal work schedules to be conducive to make the appointments at the times that are best for the institution.

Sincerely for Corrections Officers,

Marvin and Jacqueline Jackson

This post was written by
Founder of Heirs of Restraint Ministries & Missouri Correctional Officer

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    Love your writing brother, and I sure enjoyed working with you.

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