March 2016 Newsletter

March 5, 2016

Dear Supporting Friends,

Would it thrill you to know you had a part in getting a copy of God’s Word in the hands of 724 Correctional Officers during the month of February? Thank you for your faithful support! This could not happen without you. The new shipment of 2,000 Bibles arrived last week. They are beautiful! We are pleased with the lamination of the covers. This is sure to solve some issues we have had in the past. It only adds 0.20 to the cost of each Bible—an investment well worth it! None of the boxes were damaged during shipping. Thank you for praying for this matter. We are already on the list for the next scheduled printing of whole Bibles.

It looks like a trip to Idaho is shaping up for the month of May. God has opened the door of opportunity to deliver Bibles to officers in five prisons, due to the concern and interest of a warden and chaplain. To God be the glory! Please pray for us as we make arrangements, including getting a trailer hitch for our vehicle. Corrections work takes a toll on even the most seasoned officers, saved or unsaved. Recently an officer said as he reached out, “I grew up in church, but recently I dropped out of church and I am not really sure not really sure the direction I’m heading, but it’s not good. I’m stressed out and not in the best health, not that my lifestyle helps out any. I tired of it all; I want to find God again.” Please pray for him.

Many officers continue to make a difference among the staff. This officer reported to us, “Christ is moving at the jail I work at. A Sergeant got baptized the other day, after about 15 years of just dabbling in Christianity. Now when I go to church I am seeing guys I work with more and more. I appreciate you sending me supplies because God is really doing His thing here. Thank you soooo much!” The supplies he speaks of are only sent due to your faithful support—thank you!

Would you ask the Lord if there is something He would have you to do for Corrections Officers in your area? Even the smallest gestures of kindness and encouragement go a long way in an environment that steals hope. Would you say a prayer of thanks for the work they do? Things are faced on a daily basis that, if the common man knew, he would be thankful that someone else is on duty behind the wall tending those matters, rather than he.

Sincerely for Corrections Officers,

Marvin and Jacqueline Jackson

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