Daily Briefings

Unlock the potential for personal and professional growth with “Daily Briefings: Volume One,” the must-have Personal Study Manual for Corrections Officers. Authored by a seasoned corrections officer, this devotional tool offers practical guidance, encourages Bible meditation, and prompts reflective practice on the challenges and triumphs of corrections work.

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Embark on a transformative journey with “Daily Briefings: Volume One,” the essential Personal Study Manual meticulously crafted for Corrections Officers. Authored by a seasoned corrections officer, this invaluable resource is now back in print and ready to equip you with the tools you need for personal and professional growth. Delve into a comprehensive devotional experience that supports and promotes your journey toward excellence in your role. Whether you’re seeking to strengthen your squad’s efficiency, recover from traumatic stress incidents, or deepen your spiritual connection, “Daily Briefings: Volume One” has you covered.


  • Devotional Tool for Personal Growth: Dive into a transformative journey designed to support and promote personal development in your role as a Corrections Officer.
  • Encourages Bible Meditation: Engage in meaningful Scripture meditation and study, fostering a deeper spiritual connection amidst the demands of your profession.
  • Prompts Examination and Reflection: Navigate the intricacies of corrections work with thought-provoking questions and exercises designed to stimulate meditation, examination, and reflection.
  • Structured Format: Benefit from a structured format comprising Daily Briefing thoughts, suggested Bible readings for meditation, and insightful questions for reflection, providing a comprehensive approach to personal and professional growth.

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