Reasons I Prayed for You Corrections Officer

Poetry by Jacqueline Jackson 

A police officer arrested a man today for sodomite acts with a boy your son’s age. I thought of you. He is now locked away and I know that now you will be giving him clean clothes and feeding him. You will take him to visitation, nurse visits and to see his attorney. Every day you will serve and protect him as a part of your duty. I’m aware that you may even have to hear the crimes he committed rehearsed. I prayed for you. I know he won’t be hurting any more children while he’s behind the wall. Thank you.

I heard about the guy who was finally apprehended after a long police chase. The criminal was armed and dangerous. He assaulted the arresting officer. I thought of you immediately because I knew the police officer would be transferring him to your custody soon. Now you will encounter the offender every day at work. I appreciate that because you are on your watch, this man is kept inside the gate until the time he owes is served. I prayed for you. Thank you.

My brother is in prison today. I want you to know I understand that he deserves the punishment. He is guilty of the crimes. He broke the laws of the land. I’m more than ashamed that now you, my heroes, must deal with the daily antics and attitude of my very kin. I’m praying for you, and I thank you.

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