What Is Heirs of Restraint?

Heirs of Restraint is a ministry to correctional officers.

Individuals who wear the badge of honor in corrections deserve and need a group who “has their back.” Heirs of Restraint is devoted to the spiritual, emotional and physical support and development of all corrections officers. We are dedicated to promote the honor, recognition, support and encouragement of corrections officers via personal contact, publications, phone calls, emails, blogs, other media and organized events.

Communities across the nation need to be awakened to our heroes in corrections—we hope to foster this awakening and awareness.



The Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary defines the word challenge as “Literally, a calling, or cryingout, the primary sense of many words expressing a demand. Hence appropriately, A calling upon one to fight in single combat; an invitation or summons, verbal or written, to decide a controversy by a duel.” The

Founder of Heirs of Restraint Ministries, Marvin Jackson, has embraced the cry of fellow correctional officers and has risen to take up the challenge. He understands the scriptural authority and position a correctional officer holds as “a minister of God for good” (Romans 13:1-7).

He knows first-hand there are indescribable pressures that correctional officers face on a day-to-day basis as they work in jungles of concrete and steel. He is aware that as a result of what is experienced at work that correctional officers are vulnerable to family problems, substance abuse, suicide, depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and more. He realizes that corrections officers are in need of spiritual, emotional and physical support whether they are aware of it or will admit it or not. Through his experience in corrections work, the Lord has given him a desire to reach out to other officers who serve behind the wall all over the nation.

Marvin became a Christian in October of 1983. He understands the need for every person to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and to develop a dynamic relationship with Him. He maintains the position that under the power and influence of the Holy Spirit it is possible to do the job of a corrections professional in a way that brings honor and glory to God. He also believes that through this personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it is possible to flourish in the midst of the serious demands, strains and stresses of the profession.

Marvin Jackson is currently serving as a Corrections Officer at the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department in Rolla, Missouri.