Will You Fight?

When I had completed the interview process at my department, the Captain who was interviewing me let me know I got the job.  Right away I thought of all the reasons I was not qualified and began to voice my hesitation.  The Captain looked at me and said, “Will you fight?”  I answered affirmatively, but not with intensity until the third time he posed the same question with emphasis.  At my third reply, he said, “You’ll have ample opportunity.” Indeed, the many battles continue in every realm–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The Psalmist David reveals that his heart is in the right place as he begins this Psalm 144 with praising God.  It is a good practice for us to learn to acknowledge and praise God in everything that takes place and in everything we are preparing to do.

God not only gives strength, He is strength.  It is a good thing to have strength.  Not everyone is equal in strength.  Strength comes from God—this makes it worthwhile.  Strength is no good without an ability and willingness to use it.  There are a lot of strong people that are not willing to fight—they have no desire.  Strength is no good unless it’s taught, trained, and used.

Corrections work necessitates that we not only fight in order to defend when attacked, but also that we be willing to go to the fight and not just fight, but prevail.  In corrections, we war every day—it’s a constant.   Our hands are taught and trained for the physical encounters, yet the spiritual battles outnumber the physical.  May our hands be trained to reach for the tools of war (the Bible) and our fingers to turn the pages. Psalm 144:1 “Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.”

This post was written by
Founder of Heirs of Restraint Ministries & Missouri Correctional Officer

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  • markhogg64@gmail.com'
    Mark Hogg says

    I want to fight and help out anyway I can in the ministry. I have been asking God to use me for His will. This ministry especially today with everything is needed more now then ever. Lt. Mark Hogg, Oklahoma State Reformatory, Oklahoma Department of Corrections. 405-831-2135. markhogg64@gmail.com

    • heirsofrestraint@gmail.com'
      Marvin Jackson says

      Thank you for you support! Is there anything we can send your way to help out?

  • steve@youturnmin.org'

    Spot on! I am a retired Captain and a Christian. I know these words to be true.

  • jaskds34@gmail.com'
    John Stephens says

    I have always kept this verse written down in my planner. I’ve asked new officers this many times.

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